Friday, July 13, 2012

No-fuss Neutrals: 5 Awesome Blogger Looks This Week

I like color just as much as the next girl (maybe more, just look at my header). But I'm starting to feel exhausted by the head-to-toe neon, neons and pastels, color color color, maximalism, patterns times five, etc. that's been everywhere this spring and summer. (Alexandra of To Vogue or Bust just shared some great thoughts on this same concept).

Burnout, I guess. Speaking of, it's also just too hot lately for all these layers and elements in one outfit! As a result, you've seen in me in not one, but TWO black and white outfits this week. I'm pretty sure I haven't worn that color scheme in the history of this blog up until now (yes, all four, long months of it).

        Blackwhitegreylace Whiteblackskirt
[My take on black & white, here and here]

I still love color, but I am feeling inspired by muted, soft, understated looks lately. I'm starting to realize this is probably why the 90's era of Calvin Klein minimalism came about: as a reaction to the over-the-top everything from the 80's.

I think others are ready for a bit of a break from the color explosion. I say that because three bloggers who I read regularly (and am used to seeing in rather dramatic hues and patterns) went for the neutrals this week. Their looks are surprising and lovely, so I wanted to round them up. (I've included images for the ones I've received permission to and will continue to update with more; the rest you will have to click through to see for yourself!)

1. Frassy: Muted

It's all in the blog name. Frassy's style is usually full of sass, color, cutouts, and sky-high heels. This time she went for a demure navy and gray-ish beige dress, a classic hat, and brown brogues.

2. Viva Luxury: Basically Black

Annabelle has a knack for combining bright, citrusy colors in ways you never thought possible, without look contrived, childish, or downright clashing. And seriously layering some jewelry. But she looked just as great in this effortless black dress, black sandals, and gold statement jewelry. A true chameleon.

3. Sincerely Jules: Pink Lady

Yes, I get that she's wearing hot pink. But she's wearing it over the most-neutral-of-all-neutral colors: beige. The result is still sleek and classic. Jules says it perfectly herself: "After wearing this yesterday, I realized I need to purchase and wear more solid basics from head to toe." She's actually been pulling a lot of cool neutral, polished looks this week, a slight departure (IMO) from her casual but bright California vibe.

These last two have a great knack for neutrals all the time, so their looks aren't anomalies at all. But they're so pretty I thought they were worth including!

4. The Glamourai: Silver Bullet


Kelly's taste is pretty impeccable, and today's look beautifully and creatively displays this fact.

The slight details (polka dot sheer blouse, textured clutch) give this cream-and-black look some punch. I love those high-waisted pants she has; so modern and chic! I wish I had the torso (and budget) for them myself.

What do you think? Have we burned ourselves out with color too early on in the warm weather season? Or am I taking it all for granted now? Will I be fed up with navy, browns, and gray in December and desperately reverting to a fuschia/chartreuse getup? Am I crazy? Do you even care? Tell me!


  1. Hi, love the second photo :-)
    I have followed you, follow me back please :-)

  2. I'm with you on the color burnout. I've been really attracted to black, lately.

    These are some great blogger picks - I'm especially liking Kelly's look.

  3. I love these classic, muted outfits - but I admit I also love lots of color for summer :)

    The Glamourai's outfit is gorgeous!

    1. I agree! I went way back into color mode after writing this post :)

  4. I completely agree with you. I LOVE colour, but neutrals and black & white combos can be so chic, and a nice change. Love your outfits!

    <3 Jenny

  5. Neutrals are the way to go for me -- all the time. I like to punch it up with some color here and there.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. Yup, definitely with you on the punches of color!

  6. Amazing post, I love those bloggers!


  7. I'm always a fan of neutrals...I mean, colour is fun too...but I don't think neutrals will ever go out of style and will always look so classy! Plus you can always update them with patterned or colour accessories.

    <3 CAMBRIA

    1. Definitely agree! They work as a good base for the color or pattern of the moment.

  8. I agree. The explosion of prints, bright neons and pattern mixing is good and all, but we must not forget the classics! :)

  9. I totally feel ya! For someone who literally LIVES in color like I do, it's surprising to see that I've toned it back some especially during summer when it's supposed to be all vibrant and bold. Sometimes when it gets this hot, you just want to revert back to basics. B/W combos with a pop of color is high on my list right now! Agreed!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    1. Yes, I love how you put this! Sometimes it's just too hot for all the layers and fuss.



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