Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Better Half

Happy Birthday to the wonderful, talented, hilarious, loving, supportive Mikhail Glabets!

I'm a day late (and many dollars short), but here are just a few reasons I love this guy, in no particular order.

1. He's a stud. As evidenced here 

Photo by the awesome Katie Pietrowski
I could put a zillion more pictures in, but I'll control myself. Oh, and he has most of our good hi-res images, and this is a surprise after all... 

2. He is super crazy talented. Here's a snippet of proof, but go here for the whole kit 'n caboodle of his photo awesomeness. 

3. He makes me laugh. My very first post on  OneTwoSummer is a silly soundbite of his. It has nothing to do with the rest of this blog, but he makes me laugh and inspires me. I felt that if I could share that, I could start sharing the rest of my life, or at least my outfits.

4. Speaking of that, he is do darn generous with his talent and gifts. He takes photos of my outfits so I can pretend to be a personal style blogger and explore my love of styling, even though is crazy busy and could be editing a million other awesome things. He encourages me to chase my dreams and do what I love and overall makes me feel like a rock star.

5. He wanted to marry me. And my life has been awesome for it.
Photo by the awesome Katie Pietrowski
Disclaimer: I meant to do this post over the weekend, but in between making French macaroons for the first time (and almost dumping them on the floor), baking my trusty carrot cake, joining Mikhail on his photo awesomeness, and getting lunch with my family, I ran out of time. Sorry my love.


  1. such a precious post! happy birthday to him :)


  2. awww so sweet!! love how much you love him. hope you had a lovely day together! xoxo linds {{}}

    1. He is the best! Thanks! It was fun :)



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